Token in bizverse

  • Token Name
  • Token Symbol
  • Use Case
  • Total Supply
  • BIVE
  • 1,000,000,000
  • Add BIVE to Wallet
  • VRA
  • Add VRA to Wallet

Token allocation


  • Concept launching
  • 3D Map, vrMall, vrExpo on beta
  • SocialFi concept with Social Network platform
  • Testnet preparation
  • Private Sales & Community Outreach
  • Bizverse Metaverse Global Launching
  • E-platform for Businesses
  • Mobile & Website Application
  • NFT Marketplace Launching
  • Token listing & Community CrowdFunding
  • Digital Twins & Metaverse concept
Q1 & Q2 – 2023
  • Release Bizverse Space v2.0 & Studio v2.0 (allowing users to create their own metaverses)
  • Build Digital Twin for the Real World, aiming that every user owns both lands and houses on Metaverse
  • Release vrFair v2.0
  • Develop Crypto City (Wonder Land)
  • Develop Bizverse World desktop version
  • Develop indoor maps for metaverse spaces (airports, hospital, school, ...)
Q3 & Q4 – 2023
  • Release Bizverse World Desktop for running on PC
  • Release Crypto City (Wonder Land)
  • Release vrMall (shopping centers on metaverse where the stalls are either mapped to their locations in the real world or located in Dream World)
  • Release Beta version for Bizverse World Desktop - a technique named Unity is integrated to enhance the users’ experience when moving on the road in Bizverse 3D spaces
  • Release indoor maps for Metaverse spaces
Q1 & Q2 – 2024
  • Create the metaverse spaces for the famous attractions in the world
  • Extend the Bizverse World platform to further areas (Worldwide outreach)
  • Enhance Bizverse Social with completely applied Web3 technology on featuring SocialFi & Metaverse approaches
  • Integrate BIVE into banking and international payment systems within businesses & digital assets
Q3 & Q4 - 2024
  • Develop Biz-Chain Mainnet for Business
  • Release BizSwap for digital business assets and NFTs
  • Release BizLaunchpad for digital business assets and NFTs for physical assets
  • Develop ecosystem dApp and Web3 applications
  • Complete Web3 version for Bizverse ecosystem
  • Implement Biz Wallet 2.0 as the Wallet Defi, which is used for non-cash exchange in real life